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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main Paper 1)

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Measure of Central Tendency in Mathematics


In mathematics, the measure of central tendency refers to methods used to find the typical or central value in a set of data. It provides insights into where the data is centered or clustered.

There are three common measures of central tendency: the mean, the median, and the mode.

The mean is calculated by adding up all the numbers in the data set and dividing the sum by the total number of values. It gives us an idea of the "average" value.

The median is the middle value when the data is arranged in order. If there is an even number of values, the median is the average of the two middle values. It helps us find the value that divides the data into two equal halves.

The mode represents the value(s) that appear most frequently in the data set. It tells us which values are the most common.

The choice of which measure to use depends on the data and the goal of the analysis. The mean is suitable for evenly spread out data, while the median is preferable when the data is unevenly spread or contains extreme values. The mode helps identify the values that occur most frequently.

The measure of central tendency is important for summarizing data and gaining an understanding of its central value. It aids in comparing different data sets and drawing conclusions based on the data at hand.


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