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Partner With Us

TestprepKart – A popularly known education platform for NRIs and local students in Middle Eastern Countries and countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan & US. We expanded rapidly by leaps and bounds as our prime focus is to provide service and stick to the basics.

Educational Expertise:

We are leading coaching service provider for various competitive examinations, which NRI students focus on:

      1. SAT
      2. JEE
      3. NEET
      4. ACCA
      5. School Curriculum – CBSE. IGCSE & IB

With a pool of more than 100 faculties with 80% of them being from IITs, it gives us the enough strength needed to cater our students and deliver them nothing but the best.

Franchisee, Affiliates & Business Partners:

We would love to get in touch with education enthusiasts in countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Japan, China, Hong Kong & USA. To take NRIs education forward and bring the much needed changes in education system with the help on technology. We work closely with schools, academic institutions and non-profits organisations to deliver the comprehensive preparatory courses to students.


Being a front-runner in education sector amongst NRIs and being online, opens up a much needed opportunity which is still untapped. We are sure with your regional presence and our online dominance is a sign of a great start. To begin this conversation, you can write us on [email protected]

Let's take this forward.
Team TestprepKart