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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main Paper 1)

Organized By: National Testing Agency (NTA)


Applicable For

Under Graduate

Course Level


Exam Date

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1000 (INR)

Registration Fee


Maximum Marks


No of Questions


Exam Mode

English + 12

Paper Language

2 /Year

Conduct Frequency

National Entrance

Exam level


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Regular Cartesian Coordinates


Regular Cartesian coordinates are a method of describing the position of a point in a two- or three-dimensional space using numerical values. It involves a reference point called the origin and perpendicular lines known as axes.

In a two-dimensional system, points are represented by pairs of numbers (x, y). The x-coordinate indicates the horizontal distance from the origin, with negative values to the left and positive values to the right. The y-coordinate represents the vertical distance from the origin, with positive values upward and negative values downward. By combining these two numbers, we can determine the exact location of a point on a flat surface.

In a three-dimensional system, points are represented by triplets of numbers (x, y, z). The x-coordinate denotes the horizontal distance, the y-coordinate represents the vertical distance, and the z-coordinate indicates the depth or distance in or out of the flat surface. By utilizing these three numbers, we can identify the position of a point in a three-dimensional space.

Regular Cartesian coordinates have practical applications in various mathematical and scientific fields. They enable us to measure distances between points, calculate the slopes of lines, determine angles between lines and planes, and represent geometric shapes and equations.

These coordinates are extensively employed in disciplines such as geometry, algebra, calculus, physics, and computer graphics. They provide a consistent and straightforward method to discuss the location of objects and their relationships within a space.

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