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Best Physics Books For Class 11th

Best Physics Books For Class 11th

For every student, clearing the 10th board examination is a crucial milestone achievement, but at that time, all students think that the next step is to find the best physics books for class 11, and they really want to know which book they should give preference to in order to achieve their goal. Here you will get the top books of physics for class 11th with the complete syllabus of those books that many of the students are already interested in based on the clear concept of physics. the physics book in such a way that it can be very beneficial for the board exam and some comparable entrance exams.


   Books Name          Author name       Download  LInks     
   1. Problems in General Physics        I.E. Irodov      DOWNLOAD
   2. Understanding Physics        D.C. Pandey      DOWNLOAD
   3. Physics for Scientists and Engineers       Serway and Jewett      DOWNLOAD
   4. Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov       S.S. Krotov        DOWNLOAD
   5. Physics: Principles with Applications       Douglas C. Giancoli      DOWNLOAD
   6. University Physics with Modern Physics          YDouglas C. Giancoli            DOWNLOAD


Problems in General Physics

Download Now

Understanding Physics

Download Now

 Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Download Now

Problems in Physics by S.S. Krotov

Download Now

Physics: Principles with Applications

Download Now

 University Physics with Modern Physics

Download Now

Top Physics Books For Class 11th

NCERT publishes textbooks according to the guidelines of CBSE; therefore, all teachers prefer them over other available references.. CBSE also approves teaching through NCERT books in schools due to their accurate and lucid writing style. Now we can say that we are providing the best book for the physics class in the 11th grade. For class 11, these books are very important.

Students usually face a lot of extra pressure to appear in the exam. Also, when the exam is approaching, completing the final revision can prove to be a great help to the students. When the student's revision is not just about reading books, it should be a holistic process where students cover all the important concepts, which will help them to better prepare and solve all the questions in the examinations easily with a suitable time in the board examination.

Here are some very important physics books for class 11. We are providing those books because they are very good and sufficient for the student to be prepared for their better examination and their good score.

But things change as you enter the 11th grade. Just at the beginning, you get to face heavy topics like vectors and their application in classical mechanics. You have to go in-depth on these topics, thoroughly understanding the derivations of various equations. All questions in mechanics require a unique thought process, which students develop gradually through every practice.

Some Important Chapters in the Problems in General Physics : 

PART 1: Mechanics
The Fundamental Equations of Dynamics
Laws of Conservation of Energy, Momentum           ,
Angular Momentum
Universal Gravitation
Dynamics of a Solid Body
Relativistic Mechanics


Part 2: Electrodynamics
The Field Concept in Electrodynamics
The Steady Electric Current
Constant Electric Field in Dielectrics and Conductors
Magnetic Field of Steady Currents
Time-Varying Fields. Maxwell’s Equations
Electromagnetic Waves. Radiation


Part 3: Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics
Equation of State of an Ideal Gas. Kinetic Theory
The First Law of Thermodynamics. Heat Capacity      
Kinetic Theory of Gases. Boltzmann’s Law
Maxwell’s Distribution
The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy
Liquids. Capillary Phenomena
Phase Transformations
Transport Phenomena

CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Physics PDF : [ Free Download ]

NCERT publishes textbooks following the guidelines of CBSE; NCRET coverd the best syllabus for the physics therefore, teachers prefer them over other available references. CBSE also approves teaching through NCERT books in schools because its very nassesaary for the student who is prepare for the next level preparation due to its accurate elaborations and lucid writing style. For placing the knowledge to students, also they publish many books of subjects like NCERT books for class 11 physics.

NCERT Best Solutions for Class 11th Physics -  [ Chapterwise PDF ]



1 - Physical World DOWNLOAD
2 - Units and Measurement DOWNLOAD
3 - Motion in a Straight Line DOWNLOAD
4 - Motion in a Plane DOWNLOAD
5 - Law of Motion                DOWNLOAD              
6 - Work, Energy and Power DOWNLOAD
7 - Systems of particles and Rotational Motion DOWNLOAD
8 - Gravitation DOWNLOAD
9 - Mechanical Properties of Solids DOWNLOAD
10 - Mechanical Properties of Fluids DOWNLOAD
11 - Thermal Properties of Matter DOWNLOAD
12 - Thermodynamics DOWNLOAD
13 - Kinetic Theory DOWNLOAD
14 - Oscillations DOWNLOAD
15 - Waves DOWNLOAD

Conclusion, Here you will get more effective physics courses for your knowledge. You can visit the topics and learn more thoughts from them. It will increase your memory and recall power. You can work so hard for this because, whether you do the reading or not, you can't turn your hard work into your achievement.            

Some FAQs on the Best Books for physics class 11th ?

Some of the frequently asked questions on best books for physics class 11th are as follows:

 Q 1.  Which book should I read for class 11 for physics ?

 ANS : Class 11th is going to be very crucial, from here your journey towards a good future starts, so take every step with care.
For books you can follow the lots of books as asked by your teachers, but still if you want names I will be happy to mention them.
Actually, books depends on the stream what from your stream, here I am telling you about physics books.

1. Problems in General Physics    I.E. Irodov

2. Understanding Physics     D.C. Pandey

3. Physics for Scientists and Engineers     Serway and Jewett

Q 2.  Which book is best for class 11th physics?

ANS : The best books for physics Class 12th are

1. Physics Mastery Volume 1 Class 11, New Edition 2021-2022 By Dr Manjeet Singh

2. Understanding Physics     D.C. Pandey

3. Physics for Scientists and Engineers     Serway and Jewett.

Q 3.  Which is the most easiest chapter in class 11 physics?

ANS : For PHYSICS : The easiest chapters among all the syllabus is the modern Physics, Radioactivity, kinematics( it is very scoring), Thermodynamics, waves and optics.

Q. 4.  Which is the toughest topic of class 11 physics?

ANS: Top 7 Hardest Topics in JEE Main Physics
Heat and Thermodynamics. It is probably the most difficult yet one of the important topic for JEE Main Physics. ...
Electrostatics and Magnetism...
Current Electricity. ...
Modern Physics. ...
Electromagnetic Induction. ...

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