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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main Paper 1)

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National Entrance

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All About Aliphatic Hydrocarbons-Download Notes(JEE Main)

About Aliphatic Hydrocarbons(JEEMain,Class11th)

What is Aliphatic Hydrocarbons?

Aliphatic hydrocarbons are organic compounds consisting of carbon and hydrogen atoms arranged in open chains or non-aromatic rings. They lack any cyclic or aromatic structures found in other types of hydrocarbons. Aliphatic hydrocarbons can be classified into different subgroups based on the presence of single, double, or triple bonds between carbon atoms.

The main types of aliphatic hydrocarbons include alkanes, which are saturated hydrocarbons with only single bonds; alkenes, which contain one or more carbon-carbon double bonds; and alkynes, which have one or more carbon-carbon triple bonds. These hydrocarbons exhibit unique properties such as flexibility, solubility in non-polar solvents, and high combustibility.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons find wide applications in various industries. They are used as solvents, lubricants, fuels, and raw materials in the production of plastics, polymers, and pharmaceuticals. Their versatile nature and diverse chemical reactions make them essential building blocks in organic chemistry.

Download PDF on Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Download PDF

Table of Content

1. Sources of hydrocarbon.

 2. Characteristics of hydrocarbon.

3. Alkanes (Paraffin’s).

 4. Individual members of alkanes.

5. Alkenes.

6. Alkynes.

 7. Separation of alkane, alkene and alkyne.

8. Distinction between alkanes, alkenes and alkynes.

9. Cycloalkanes.

10. Cycloalkenes.

11. Dienes.

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