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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main Paper 1)

Organized By: National Testing Agency (NTA)


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Under Graduate

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English + 12

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2 /Year

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National Entrance

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Conic Section - Parabola

A parabola is a curved shape that can be formed when a plane intersects a cone in a particular way.It has a U-like or V-like form and is symmetric.A parabola is defined by the property that every point on the curve is equidistant from a fixed point called the focus and a fixed line called the directrix.

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  • Symmetry: A parabola has a line of symmetry called the axis of symmetry. The left and right sides of the parabola are mirror images of each other.
  • Vertex: The vertex is the highest or lowest point on the parabola. It is located at the bottom of a U-shaped parabola or the top of an inverted V-shaped parabola.
  • Focus and Directrix: The focus is a fixed point inside the parabola, and the directrix is a fixed line outside the parabola. Every point on the parabola is equidistant from the focus and the directrix.
  • Focal Length: The distance between the focus and the vertex is called the focal length. It is an important property that determines the overall shape and size of the parabola.
  • Tangent: A tangent to the parabola is a line that touches the curve at a single point. At that point, the tangent is perpendicular to the directrix.



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