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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main Paper 1)

Organized By: National Testing Agency (NTA)


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Under Graduate

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English + 12

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2 /Year

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National Entrance

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All About Transmission of Heat - Download Notes (JEE Mains)

What is Transmission of Heat ?

The transfer of thermal energy from higher to lower temperature zones is referred to as heat transmission. Conduction occurs through direct contact between objects, while convection relies on the movement of fluids. Radiation involves the emission and absorption of electromagnetic waves. Efficient insulation materials reduce heat transfer. Understanding heat transmission is vital for optimizing energy efficiency, designing thermal management systems, and analyzing heat distribution in various applications. It plays a crucial role in fields such as engineering, architecture, climate science, and materials science.

Download PDF On Transmission of Heat 

Download PDF

Table of Content

1. Introduction

2. Conduction

3. Electrical analogy for thermal conduction

4. Combination of conductors

5. Ingen-Hausz experiment

6. Searle's experiment

7. Growth of ice on lake

8. Convection

9. Radiation

10. Some definitions about radiation

11. Prevost theory of heat exchange

12. Kirchoff's law

13. Distribution of energy in the spectrum of black body

14. Wien's displacement law

15. Law of distribution of energy

16. Stefan's law

17. Newton's law of cooling

18. Temperature of the sun and solar constant

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