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How To Register For SAT? - TPKE0027 - Step 7 (Upload Photo & Payment)

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Now, at this step you have to upload the photo. Make sure that the photo should meet all the requirements i.e., your face should fully cover the camera, clear view of your face, proper exposure of light and many others.

Please note that this upload will be displayed on your admission ticket, so please keep this in your mind and follow the guidelines for a clear photo. Once you upload the photo, the system gives you a last chance to review your details and the review of your admission ticket as well. So review it carefully and click on "make payment".

After that, select the payment method, i.e., PayPal or through credit card (visa, master card, american express, discover or JCB) and click on "submit". Once your payment is successful, it means you successfully registered yourself for SAT. Congratulations! and best of luck:)

How to register for SAT - Here is the complete process that will help you in registering for SAT. This step by step guide will take you through each step and this is to the point. Hope this SAT registration series will help students

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SAT Registration Process

How to register for SAT? This video series will help students in getting their SAT Registration done on College Board website. Students who are planning to write SAT Test soon, needs to do their SAT Registration online and needs to select their SAT center.


This whole process is defined here in steps and will help in getting your SAT Registration done.


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