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How To Register For SAT? - TPKE0026 - Step 6 (Fill All Academic Information)

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Now, at this step under "create student profile", you have to fill the information related to your college board programs, GPA rank, course for all the subjects (math, english, science, social studies, languages), your extra curricular activities, and college plans.

GPA Rank: Under this section, you have to select your grade, your points average and then have to rate your ability in the given subjects compared to others of your age and then click on "continue" to proceed further for the next step.

Course Work: Under this section, you have to indicate the high school courses you have taken or plan to take in each subject (math, english, science, social studies, languages) and then click on "continue" to proceed further for the next step.

High School Activities: Under this section, you have to select the activities and sports in which you have participated. For upto 10 activities, check the grade(s) in which you have participated in or plan to participate and click on "continue".

College Plans: Under this segment, you have to select your highest level of education you plan to complete beyond high school and select the type of institutions you are interested in attending and click proceed further.

After the, under "select test and center", you have to select the SAT terms and conditions. Now, select your testing country, test type, test date, testing accommodations, fee waiver and many others.

How to register for SAT - Here is the complete process that will help you in registering for SAT. This step by step guide will take you through each step and this is to the point. Hope this SAT registration series will help students

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SAT Registration Process

How to register for SAT? This video series will help students in getting their SAT Registration done on College Board website. Students who are planning to write SAT Test soon, needs to do their SAT Registration online and needs to select their SAT center.


This whole process is defined here in steps and will help in getting your SAT Registration done.


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