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Sherwin Williams
From Bahrain

Rachna mam you predicted it and finally i got my great SAT score of 2350. Thanks to you for scheduling all those late night classes for me and they really helped me. Your doubt removal sessions were something which really made a difference between success and failure. 

Thankyou Mam. 

Rachna TH008 Batch

Joshua Jacob
From Saudi Arabia

No words to express my deepest feeling of satisfaction after clearing my SAT exams. Entire credit goes to team testprepkart and my faculties who helped in my preparation and counseling me from time to time for my career guidance. Without them i'm sure i would have missed plenty of opportunities about which i did not even know. Thanks Anju mam, Vikas sir and Ansari sir. Thankyou. 

Joshua Jacob

Varun Vineeth
From Oman

This is Varun and I'm from Oman - Indian School (Muscat). I would like to express my deepest regard to operations team of testprepkart for helping me rescheduling all those classes i missed because of my schedule. Also, would like to thank my Physics faculty Mr. Abdul Wasim for his extended support in my SAT II preparation.

Thanks for making this happen. Cheers!!

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