IB Coaching Courses (Dubai / UAE)

IB Coaching Courses (Dubai / UAE)

Struggling with IB - MYP or DP (SL/HL) Science or Mathematic?

No worries! With expert IB Tutors from India and aborad you now can prepare well for all IB Levels and together you can prepare for Entrance Examinations Too: SAT / ACT / JEE / NEET & Others with TestprepKart

Students who wish to prepare at their own pace, we have IB Free Online Preparation Module for students in Dubai. Explore all your subjects and get all your doubts removed. 


IB Coaching Courses (Dubai / UAE)

Select your IB DP or MYP Course from the below list. For all needed clarification, please speak with us on +91 8800 1234 92 or write on info@testprepkart.com

        IB Courses       



                 IB Course Details                 

IB Physics Course

120 Hrs

DP (SL / HL)

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IB Chem. Course

120 Hrs

DP (SL / HL)

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IB Math Course

120 Hrs

DP (SL / HL)

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IB Biology Course

120 Hrs

DP (SL / HL)

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All above mentioned IB Coaching Programs are meant for Dubai (UAE) NRI students only. IB students who could not find their relevant IB Courses here can speak to us directly or write us with requirements.

We will be able to customize your IB Class with suitable time and subject of your preference. 


Quick Connect / Request Free IB Session: +91 8800 1234 92 / info@testprepkart.com



IB Course Preview: 

Select the appropriate IB Course for you and speak to our IB Counselor in Dubai / Abu Dhabi or in other emirates for IB Course Enrollment. Choose from IB  MYP or IB DP (SL / HL) Courses. IB Students can choose to study all subjects or individual subject where help is needed. 

IB coaching classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi



IB Expert Tutors To Help You Achieve:

Phenomenal experience and great teaching experience of over a decade or more, our IB Tutors in Dubai / Abu Dhabi make sure you get the best points altogetjer. Our IB Tutors and IB Courses are synched with popular entrance examinations which NRI Indian students often write like SAT / JEE / NEET and few others. 
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TestprepKart Students Reviews From Middle East:
At TestprepKart we feel satisfied having worked closely with students and parents toward achieving a common objective of Great IB Score and Selection in Good University. Here is what our students speaks about their Coaching experience at TestprepKart. 





IB Tutoring Features:

1. Live and Online Classes – All IB preparation classes (Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Other Emirates) for all subjects are live and interactive, means we do not provide any recordings. We do it real time on our whiteboard with inbuilt voice and camera feature. Such classes helps you to interact with faculty in real time and enable discussion over the topic which is a necessity for IB Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology preparation for all levels like SL and HL.

2. Study Material – To sincerely prepare for IB, soft copy for IB material is updated in your account immediately after the enrolment. This study material will be used for all the online session and discussed accordingly.

3. Online Test – IB Online Test Series will be provided to the students. This Test Series will be made available to Dubai IB students in their account on the website. To keep you stay updated with your performance we conduct regular IB Online Tests and based on the performance your class schedule is altered. So that we work on the weaker areas first.

4. Doubt Removal Sessions – Special doubt removal sessions are conducted every month where students can bring all their doubts for clarification by the faculty. These sessions are included and clubbed together in all IB preparation classes.

5. Revision Notes – We have made sure that whatever you have learned in class, you should be able to take it back along with you. So, we provide you the recordings of all these classes directly in your account. You can download your past class from your account and revise it as many times as you want.




IB Faculties:

We all want to study hard and ace the IB test, we give our 100% but when it comes to the faculty who is supposed to teach you further, is not qualified enough.

Having dealt with NRI students with IB curriculum in UAE from major cities like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah etc. we found that students don’t have access to the required teachers who are qualified to be an IB Test expert. Over a period of time student’s compromise with local tuition teachers, this results in achieving nothing.

When it comes to serious IB preparation, you need a faculty who has trained IB students in past, who knows about what you are preparing for, what is the paper structure, colleges you are targeting for, looking for scholarship or not and everything else, only then a faculty can guide you for your IB exam preparation.

To overcome this barrier we help students with the best of IB faculties online for Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology who have experience of more than 8 years and trained almost 1000+ students. They know the details to work on and areas to focus on for your prep. Your search for the IB faculties will end here.




IB Coaching Classes in UAE:

Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah

Being one of the biggest IB online preparation academy, we help students across the globe without any geographical boundaries. Majority of the students enrolled with us for IB Coaching are from cities like:

1.   Dubai IB Prep (UAE)

2.   Sharjah IB Prep (UAE)

3.   Abu Dhabi IB Prep (UAE)

4.   Ajman IB Prep (UAE)

5.   Ras Al Khaimah IB Prep (UAE)



IB Coaching FAQs:


Why choose TestprepKart for preparation of IB Diploma?

TestprepKart not only has some of the best faculties with quality knowledge of IB Diploma Curriculum but we also have been consistent and true to our services. We run an assessment session of the student with our counselor before we start the courses, in order to understand the student and make an assessment report that is send to the parents. This is really important before jumping into the courses that they want to opt for. We know that the motto for an IB DP student is to get in a good college by the end of this. Hence we cooperate with the students and their parents to achieve this motto.

Of course, we do. We also send the hard copy of our IB notes right at your address no matter where in the world you are.

Yes, if the student requires some topics to be taught again, it can be repeated in the doubt clearing classes.

Yes, Parents periodically get a progress report of their child. In fact, parents can call during our work hours to speak to the counselor to ask for their child’s performance.

If a student misses an IB class or is someday unavailable to attain the class, he/she can report us about it so that we can reschedule that class at a different time.

Right here! At TestprepKart, you can find online tutoring for IB Diploma Program in all the cities of UAE. In fact, most of our students (in UAE) are from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc.

For IB DP tutoring, you can get some of the best tutors here at TestprepKart. We not only provide our services in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai but also in all of the Gulf Countries. You can book a free consultation and a Demo/Trial class and see for yourself. All our classes are online, live and interactive.

Yes, students from Gulf Countries can enroll for IB DP at TestprepKart. We have a plenty of happy customers from the Gulf Countries. Also students and NRI students from any part of the world can enroll here.

Definitely, all the courses we provide are genuine, as we follow the official syllabus of IB Programs.

If a student wants to cancel or opt out of the IB courses taken from TestprepKart, a refund can be provided. But it is applicable only if the cancelation is requested within the first 4 days of enrollment.

Yes, obviously they can. In fact, NRI/PIO students are eligible for DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) and CIWG (Children of Indian Workers in Gulf, for NRIs in Gulf Countries) scheme which can benefit them a lot especially with an IB DP Certification and a good SAT-2 Score Sheet. If you want to apply for top Indian colleges, kindly check your DASA/CIWG eligibility on our website.

A good IB score can be beneficial for students who want to apply for top US Colleges, but along with that a good score sheet of SAT-2 can increase this chance.

We cover the entire syllabus of following 5 subjects of IB DP of both Standard Level (SL) & Higher Level (HL). These are English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All of these subjects are available in 60 hrs, 90 hrs & 120 hrs sessions. You can choose the ones that you require.

Yes, obviously. In fact, PIO students are also eligible for DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) and CIWG (Children of Indian Workers in Gulf, for NRIs in Gulf Countries) scheme which can benefit the student a lot especially with an IB DP Certification and a good SAT-2 Score Sheet. If you want to apply for top Indian Colleges, kindly check your DASA/CIWG eligibility on our website.




IB Topics Covered DP (SL / HL):

Core Extended Essay

Course Companion    
1. The Basics 4. Research 7. Assessment
2. Getting Started 5. Writing Essay  
3. Locating, Organising & Evaluating 6. Supervision  
Download IB eBooks    
Oxford IB Diploma - Extended Essay    

Therory of Knowledge

Course Companion    
1. Table of Content 9. Language As a Way of Knowing 17. Ethics
2. Recognizing Perspective 10. Emotions As a Way of Knowing 18. History
3. Gaining Knowledge 11. Faith As a Way of Knowing 19. The Human Science
4. Seeking Truth 12. Imagination 20. Natural Science
5. Exchanging Knowledge 13. Intuition 21. Mathematics
6. Sense Perception As a Way of Knowing 14. Ways of Knowing 22. Indigenous Knowledge
7. Memory As a Way of Knowing 15. Shared Knowledge 23. Religious Knowledge
8. Reason As a Way of Knowing 16. The Arts 24. Assessment
Download IB eBooks    
Decoding Theory of Knowledge Hooder - Theory of Knowledge Pearson - Theory of Knowledge
Cambridge - Decoding Theory of Knowledge Hooder - Theory Of Knowledge - Third Edition Pearson - Theory Of Knowledge - Bastian, Kitching and Sims - Second Edition

Language & Literature

Course Companion    
1. Introduction 5. Language In Cultural Context 9. Literature: Critical Study
2. Thinking About Literature 6. Assessment In Language In Cultural Context 10. Assessment In Literature: Critical Study
3. Thinking About Language 7. Language & Mass Communication 11. Literature: Text & Contexts
4. Putting It All Together 8. Assessment In Language & Mass Communication 12. Assessment In Literature: Text & Context
Download IB eBooks    
Oxford - English A Course Companion Oxford - English A Literature Pearson - English A Literature
Oxford - English A Skills & Practice Oxford - English A Skills & Practice  

Language & Aquisition

Course Companion    
1. Introduction 8. Global Issues 15. Customs & Traditions
2. Social Relationship 9. Science & Technology 16. Communication & Media
3. Cultural Diversity 10. Leisure 17. Social Relationships
4. Communication & Media 11. Literature  
5. Customs & Traditions 12. Cultural Diversity  
6. Health 13. Social Relationship  
7. Cultural Diversity 14. Global Issues  
Download IB eBooks    
Oxford - English B Course Companion Oxford - English B Skills & Practice Oxford - French B Course Companion
Pearson - English B - Student Book    

Individual & Societies

Business Management    
1. Introduction 12. Source of Finance 23. Production Management
2. Organisation of Business 13. Management Accounting 24. Business Strategy
3. Objectives, Stakeholders & External Environment 14. Financial Account & Ratio Analysis 25. Strategic Analysis
4. Organisational Planning & Decision Making 15. Role of Marketing 26. Strategic Choice
5. Growth & Impact of Globalization 16. Marketing Planning 27. Strategic Implementation
6. Change & Management of Change 17. Production Method 28. Evaluation & Control
7. Human Resource Planning 18. Cost, Revenue & Break Even Analysis 29. Case Studies on Strategy
8. Organisational Structure & Communication 19. Quality Assurance 30. Internal Assessment
9. Leadership Management 20. Location 31. Extended Essay
10. Motivation 21. Innovation 32. External Assessment
11. Corporate Culture & Employer Employee Relationship 22. Production Planning  
Download IB eBooks    
Download All eBooks    


1. Introduction 13. Market Failure 25. Balance of Payment
2. Foundation of Economics 14. Overall Economic Activity 26. Terms of Trade
3. Demand & Supply 15. Aggregate Demand 27. Economic Development
4. Market Equilibrium & Price Mechanism 16. Aggregate Supply 28. Measuring Development
5. Elasticity 17. Macroeconomic Equilibrium 29. Domestic Factor & Economic Development
6. Indirect Tax, Subsidies & Price Control 18. Low Unemployment 30. International Trade & Economic Development
7. Cost Revenue & Profit 19. Low & Stable Rate of Inflanation 31. Foreign Direct Investment
8. Perfect Competition 20. Economic Growth 32. Aid, Debt & Economic Development
9. Monopoly 21. Equity In Distribution of Income 33. Market & Intervention
10. Monopolistic Competition 22. Why Do Countries Trade 34. Assessment
11. Oligopoly 23. Free Trade & Protectionism  
12. Price Descrimination 24. Exchange Rates  
Download All IB eBooks    

Environment System & Socities

1. Introduction 5. Water, Food, Production System & Society 9. Human System & Resource Use
2. Environmental Systems & Societies 6. Soil System & Society 10. Internal Assessment
3. Ecosystem & Ecology 7. Atmospheric Systems & Society 11. External Assessment
4. Biodiversity & Conservation 8. Climate Change & Energy Production 12. Extended Essay In ESS
Download All IB eBooks    


1. Introduction 9. Hazard & Disasters 17. Sociocultural Exchanges
2. Population In Transition 10. Leisure, Sports & Tourism 18. Sociocultural Outcomes
3. Disparity In Wealth & Development 11. Food & Health 19. Global Interactions
4. Pattern In Environmental Quality 12. Urban Environment 20. Preparing For Exam
5. Pattern In Resource Consumption 13. Measuring Global Interactions 21. Advice To Students & Teachers
6. Freshwater Issues & Conflicts 14. Changing Space  
7. Oceans & Their Coastal Margins TE 15. Economic Interaction & Flow  
8. Extreme Environments 16. Environmental Change  
Download All eBooks    

Global Politics

1. Introduction 3. Historical Context 5. Economy In Global Age
2. Global Politics Introduction 4. Theories of Global Politics  
Download All IB eBooks    


1. Introduction 4. Communism In Crisis 7. Origins & Development of Authoritarian
2. Peacekeeping & Peacemaking 5. Causes Practice & Effects of War 8. Decolonisation & Independence Movement In Africa
3. The Arab Israel Conflict 6. Democratic States - Challenges & Responses 9. Nationalist & Independent Movement
Download All IB eBooks    


1. Philosophy - Being Human 4. Peasonhood 7. Freedom
2. Introduction 5. Mind & Body 8. Identity
3. Human Nature 6. The Self & Other 9. Assessment
Download All IB eBooks    


1. Psychology Introduction 6. Abnormal Psychology 11. Qualitative Research - Theory & Practice
2. What is Psychology 7. Developmental Psychology 12. Writing Papers in Psychology
3. Biological Level of Analysis 8. Health Psychology 13. Internal Assessment
4. Cognitive Level of Analysis 9. Human Relationships 14. Extended Essay In Psychology
5. Socio Cultural Level of Analysis 10. Sport Psychology  


1. Introduction 7. Circular Motion & Gravitation 13. Quantum and Nuclear Physics
2. Measurement & Uncertainties 8. Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics 14. Relativity
3. Mechanics 9. Energy Production 15. Engineering Physics
4. Thermal Physics 10. Wave Phenomena 16. Imaging
5. Oscillations & Waves 11. Fields 17. Astrophysics
6. Electricity & Magnetism 12. Electromagnetic Induction  
Download All IB eBooks    
1. Introduction 10. Redox Processes 19. Acid and Bases
2. Stoichiometric 11. Organic Chemistry 20. Redox Processes
3. Atomic Structure 12. Measurement and Data Processing 21. Organic Chemistry
4. Periodicity 13. Atomic Structure 22. Measurement and Analysis
5. Chemical Bonding and Structure 14. The Periodic Table 23. A Materials
6. Energetics and Thermochemistry 15. Chemical Bonding & Structure 24. B Biochemistry
7. Chemical Kinetics 16. Energetics and Thermochemistry 25. C Energy
8. Equilibrium 17. Chemical Kinetics 26. D Medicinal Chemistry
9. Acid Bases 18. Equilibrium  
Download All IB eBooks    
1. Introduction 7. Human Physiology 13. Neurobiology and Behaviour
2. Cell Biology 8. Nucleic Acid 14. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
3. 3_Oxford IB DP Biology - Molecular Biology.pdf 9. Metabolism, Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis 15. Ecology and Conservation
4. Genetics 10. Plant Biology 16. Human Physiology
5. Ecology 11. Genetics & Evolution  
6. Evolution & Biodiversity 12. Animal Physiology  
Download All IB eBooks    

Computer Science

1. Introduction 3.Computer Organization 5. Computational Thinking
2. System Fundamentals 4. Networks 6. Object Oriented Programming
Download All eBooks    




IB Downloads:

Your IB preparation certainly need IB resources, for you we have compiled a IB resource section (IB Downloads) where you can download files related to IB Mathematics, IB Chemistry, IB Physics, IB Biology, IB Syllabus, IB Booklets and more.

Visit IB Download Section Here

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