JEE eligibility for IIITs

JEE eligibility for IIITs

JEE Eligibility For IIITs

IITs are most prominent institutes in India, NRI students wish to take admission into IITs, DASA quota is not applicable in IITs, To take admission into IITs NRI students must have to take the JEE Main + Advanced This article will help you to be prepared for IITs. 

Joint examination Main or JEE Main 2021 national level examinations are held for admission to varied undergraduate courses in architecture and engineering. This examination also acts as a preliminary test for JEE Advanced, the ultimate examination to qualify for a seat in an IIIT.

Currently, there are Student Exchange Programs (SEP) in IITs, which permit foreign students to check and do research in these institutes.



Eligibility Criteria to Get Admission Into IIIT:

To take admission into IITs, NRI students must have to take the JEE Main & JEE Advanced. The essential requirement to take admission into IIT is your JEE Main + JEE Advanced score. This is the new conducting body of JEE Main or NTA, has introduced some necessary changes within the eligibility criteria for this examination, they have been very specific about their requirements on the list.

Read on to seek out information about these required eligibility criteria.


JEE Main Eligibility Criteria

The JEE Main exam is conducted twice during a year, over 2 sessions – January and April. Keeping in mind that aspirants would wish time to organize for this national level examination,

NTA released the list of important dates relevant to the present test, including registration, application, admit card release, the initial date of entrance, etc.


Specific Details

Age Limit

The higher limit for JEE Main isn't mere. However, the lower limit of this entrance is that candidates should be the right age to possess passed 10+2 or equivalent test. in addition, candidates showing for his or her 10+2 test also are eligible to take a seat for this test, no matter their age.


The candidates should have passed their 10+2 or equivalent examination on showing for this entrance. 


Considering that this examination helps students get into B.

Arch courses, there are a couple of mandatory subjects that every candidate must have in their 10+2 exams.

B.Tech,B.E/Physics/Maths/Chemistry, Bio. Tech, Biology, Technical vocational Subject, Any other subject  B.Arch.Physics/Maths/Chemistry, Technical vocational subject, Biology, Bio. Tech, Any other subject.

Minimum marks for General

The minimum aggregate is 75% or be within the prime twenty score in their 12th examination.

Minimum marks for SC, ST, PwD

The minimum aggregate is 65%


The Eligibility criteria for droppers in JEE Main 

These are the two categories of JEE Main examination

  • Candidates who appeared for the JEE Main last year failed to qualify and can be making an attempt for it once.
  • Students who passed their 12th previous year, took a year gap to prepare  for JEE Main and can be shown for it this year.

Eligibility criteria 


Age Limit

The best age to qualify for your JEE Mains exam was 25 years. Recently The Supreme Court of India has announced that there is no age of limitation.


Every candidate must complete 10+2.

Minimum marks for SC, ST,PwD Candidates

The minimum aggregate is 65%.

Minimum marks for General Candidates

The Minimum aggregate is 75% or be within the prime twenty score in their 12th examination.


IIT JEE Eligibility Criteria (Advanced)

JEE Advanced 2021's eligibility criteria consist of the conditions and requirements that candidates must fulfill to appear for the entrance exam. Candidates who fail to follow JEE Advanced Criteria for Eligibility 2021 will not be eligible to attempt the exam. Varied factors, such as performance in JEE Main, qualification marks etc.


IIT JEE Criterion 1 - Performance in JEE Main 2021

The candidates must have qualified JEE Main 2021 (Paper 1) and must be among the top 2.50,000 candidates (including all categories). The categories will be divided among the top 250,000 JEE Main eligible applicants, as follows:

  • GEN-EWS - 10%
  • OBC-NCL - 27%
  • SC - 15%
  • ST - 7.5%
  • OPEN - 40.5%
  • PwD - 5% horizontal reservation in all above


IIT JEE Criterion 2 - Age Limit

Candidates born on or after 1 October 1995 are eligible for the JEE Advanced 2021  However, for SC, ST, and PwD candidates (born on or after October 1, 1990) there is a 5 year relaxation.


IIT JEE Criterion 3 - Number of Attempts

The candidates will attempt JEE Advanced up to two times in two consecutive years.


IIT JEE Criterion 4 - Appearance in 12th (or equivalent) Examination

For the first time in 2020 or 2021, the applicants would have appeared for the 12th Standard (or equivalent) qualifying test.

However, if the result is announced for the academic year 2018-19 after June 2019, the board's candidates who appeared for their 12th standard qualifying examination in 2019 will also be considered eligible for JEE Advanced 2021 if they also meet the other eligibility



Required Documents To Get Admission Into IITs:

Every IIT has different requirements, Below we are going to mention important essential documents for NRIs

  • Class X certificate and mark sheet (Original and one attested copy)
  • Class XII certificate and mark sheet (Original and one attested copy)
  • Proof of date of birth (if not mentioned in the Class X certificate)
  • Caste certificate wherever applicable.
  • JEE 2021 Branch and Institute allotment letter
  • JEE 2021 Admit Card
  • 10 Passport size photographs
  • 5 stamp size photographs
  • Receipt of the payment with JEE and Hostel Fee Challan
  • Challan receipt of hostel/mess payment
  • Affidavit / Certificate of Income proof of parents duly attested by first class magistrate / Tehsildar / Revenue officer and if parents are govt. employee submits a copy of form 16 issued from the employer.



Minimum Marks To get admission In IIITs,

NTA will discharge the IIIT JEE Main cut off once the test finishes up and the outcomes are proclaimed. In 2019, the IIIT JEE  cut off score for general class understudies was 74 while that for OBC – NCL competitors was 45.


Minimum Marks

Maximum Marks

Common Rank List ( CRL )

General Candidate
















Things to Keep In Mind While Preparing For IIT

Proper Planning

Usually, students study for about 1 or 2 years to prepare for IIIT-JEE. So, planning plays an important role. A good planning strategy will keep you focused and result in better gains. Make a to-do list, set your goals, work out how much time is needed to achieve them, and allocate a realistic time frame.

See if you are able to achieve them, if yes, set more ambitious goals next time, if not, analyse what went wrong and how you can improve. I am sure you would be able to crack the JEE in the coming years.


Time Management

A really crucial issue facing IIIT aspirants is the downside of your time management. To manage this, it's imperative that students examine their daily schedules and then calculate what proportion of time, they will devote to IIIT preparation if they try terribly arduously.

It's vital to relinquish correct importance to any or all the 3 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and arithmetic. additional that that's the necessity to be regular and systematically follow the projected daily timetable.


Revise whereas you devise

Revision is the crux of IIIT preparation. It's vital to place the topics learned to follow and this is often wherever revision involves the rescue. The additional the following, the additional the perfection of the subject accessible. therefore whereas you prepare the unfinished course of study, you furthermore might revise the topics that are already learnt. as an example, suppose that you just are ready to place in four hours of study everyday.

You may presumably use two of these four hours for advancing on your (unfinished) course of study and therefore the different two for editing elements of what you've already coated up there to a specific day.



Preparation Tips To get Admission Into IIITs - 

1. Always begin from BASICS as a result of “without a base, there will be no altitude” and “journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

2. Always BUILD UPRIGHT & acceptable BASICS as a result of “once the track of train changes, it'll continue solely that track”. thus perpetually choose the correct track and follow that systematically.

3. Your study schedule ought to be specified so you get the time for a bit of relaxation and pleasure daily.

4. Having a time schedule is ok however REGULARITY in studies is that the combination which will assist you to crack the communication.

5. Motivation is very important all the means until you reach associate degree IIT of your selection

6. Contemporaries that match your goals is the best company you may keep throughout your IIT JEE Preparation. Select your friends with wisdom such that they're your strengths and assist you be competitive and up to now also as intended.


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Current Electricity & Heating Effect Halogen Derivatives Quadratic Equation
Electromagnetic Induction & Alt. Current Hydroxy Compounds Ethers Permutation & Combination
Alternating Current Aldehydes & Ketones Binomial Theorem
Kinetic Theory of Gases Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives Exponential Logarithmic Series
Atomic Structure Nitrogen Containing Compounds Determinants
Electron, Photon & X-Ray Polymers Matricies
Nuclear Physics Bio Molecules Binary Operations
Solid Semi Conductor Chemistry In Action Computing
Valve Electronics Periodic Classification of Element Regular Cartesian Coordinate
Electromagnetic Waves Extraction of Metals Straight Lines
Optical Instrument S & P Block Elements Ellipse
Optics Photometry D & F Block Element Hyperbola
Reflection of Light Coordination Chemistry Parabola
Refraction of Light Chemical Analysis Vectors
Wave Optics   Coordinate Geometry
    Trigonometrical Ratio Function Identities
    Trigonometrical Equations Inequations
    Height & Distances
    Inverse Trigonometrical Functions
    Hyperbolic Functions
    Correlation Regression
    Measure of Central Tendency
    Numerical Methods
    Linear Programming



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