JEE Main: Set & Relation | Tips & Tricks To Solve The Question Paper | JEE Mathematics Class
Hey, Dear JEE Aspirants the JEE Main exams are very near and this is the time for preparation. We have prepared a series of JEE Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Tips and Tricks for each chapter. And you find all videos playlist very soon. This video is related to SETs and RELATION
Fluid Mechanics Tips & Tricks: JEE Main || All Concepts, Tricks & PYQs Fluid Mechanics in One Shot
Hey, Dear JEE Aspirants the JEE Main exams are very near and this is the time for preparation. We have prepared a series of JEE Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry Tips and Tricks for each chapter. And you find all videos playlist very soon. This video is related to Fluid Mechanics
iit preparation story
In this video, We have Ansul Mishra one of our Ex-Student who secures very good marks in JEE Main. And he is going to tell his real-life JEE Main Preparation Journey Story. So, If you are also preparing for JEE Main then this video will help you a lot to come out various of difficulties and give you a positive way to secure a very good JEE Rank.
πŸš€ Rocket Strategy To Get 180+ Marks In JEE Mains || How To Score 180 Marks In Just 30 Days
How to score 180in JEE? Can I get 180+ Marks in JEE in just 30 days? Is this possible to crack jee in 30 days? So If you have the same query mentioned above πŸ‘†. Then this video gives you a clear mirror image to do this possible.
Best Foundation Books πŸ“š For IIT-JEE Preparation || Class 9th & 10th Best Books || TestprepKart
Hello and Welcome to the TestprepKart Channel, In this video, we are going to discuss the list of JEE Foundation Books
dasa exam centers abroad india
Every candidate has a choice to choose any 4 JEE 2022-23 Exam Centers in India or outside India. So In this video, we are going to know about the JEE Main Exam Centre List Outside India.
nri quota in cg-pet
dasa essential documents 2022-23
This video is especially for those candidates who are applying for JEE Main this year through DASA Quota. This video contains Important Information about the required documents for DASA/CIWG Admission. Watch this video till the end. Also, you can download NRI Ebook for more Information.
analysis dession for jee main 2023-24
Hello All the DASA Candidates, Are you guys planning to take admission to one of the best engineering colleges in India (Like, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs). So this video is going to be very informative to all the NRIs, PIOs, OCIs, and FN Students. Watch this video, And Book Your Free JEE Main Slot To Check Your JEE Ability for the Year 2023-24.
In this video, we are going to discuss the most important books. While Preparing for JEE Main you have to choose the right book and study material for you. So that, JEE Students build their knowledge in the right direction.
In this video, we are discussing the Most Important Chapters list that helps you to score much better in JEE Main 2022 Examination. This video is all about mathematics. we have other series also regarding Physics and Chemistry. But if you are feeling low and nervous about your preparation for the mathematics session then this video will change your mindset and help to prepare you for jee main 2022 exam.
A candidate has the option to apply for one session or more than one Session together and pay the exam fee accordingly. In other words, if a candidate wishes to apply only for one session, he/she has to pay the Examination Fee only for that Session during the current application period and will have the opportunity to apply again for the remaining Sessions. The application window will be re-opened briefly immediately after the declaration of the result of the 1st Session. For full information watch this particular video and get all the information for both Indian and NRI Candidates.
In this video we are discussing the most Important Chapters in Chemistry for JEE Main 2022. We all know chemistry is a subject where most things depend on assumptions and exceptions. And the different parts of Organic and Inorganic chemistry are enough to confuse students. But In this video, we are discussing The Most Important Chapters Of Chemistry that you have to study and focus very hard on to get good marks in the chemistry section. So watch this video till the end and check the list of Important chapters.
Chemistry has been the savior for students in the JEE main examination. The chemistry Section of the jee main exam is the easiest of all three sections in the paper. Students can easily score in this section just by studying the important topics for jee mains 2020 chemistry. So go through this video and get all the information about JEE Chemistry Section.
NRI Eligibility Criteria:- In this video, we are going to discuss about the various of questions that we received in the form of emails and comments of various of students and parents from different corners of the country. This video is 1/3 video of this series. We will also cover all the things of CIWG, CIWG is a category under DASA scheme, started by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, for the children of Indian expatriates (NRIs/OCIs/PIOs) in Gulf countries who want to study in top engineering colleges like NITs and IIITs.
The National Talent Search Examination will be conducted for students studying at the Class X level. The examination consists of tests, namely Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
In this video you are going to know about Scholarships For Engineering Students Offered By Government examinations in India, numbers often project unbelievable starts.
In this video, I'm going to discuss the list of the best books for JEE Physics Section. We will also update Chemistry and Mathematics books list in the coming days. So stay connected with us for the latest JEE Preparation Help and Updates.
JEE Online vs JEE Offline Exam, In this video we are going to talk about which is the best way to give JEE examinations online and offline, JEE is the National Level Entrance Examination Conducted for Engineering Students.
In this video, we are going to discuss over latest updates on JEE Main 2022, In this video, you are all getting to know about the expected date of registration and exam date.
How to score 90+ in chemistry ?? Well, this is very difficult for every JEE candidate, but don't worry, In this video you are going to learn all the tricks and tactics for studying the main part of chemistry which is very much important from the exam point of view.
Millions of candidates attempt JEE Main every year, but many students don't know what to do after jee main result, If I asked any jee aspirant, what are the options after jee main or what is your plan after the jee result. Then most of the students answer is to get admission to IIT but wait we are talking about after JEE Main, not JEE Advanced. To Get Any IIT College, you need to qualify in JEE Advanced right. So In this video, we are going to discuss the Options after JEE Main, Which University can I get with JEE rank?
Here in this video, we are looking at the best colleges in India under the DASA scheme for NRI and CIWG students & the criteria for selecting the best DASA colleges.

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