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JEE / DASA / CIWG - Episode 4 - The History and Geography of Competitive Exams in India

30minAdded: 31.03.2020


This episode of webinar tells you everything about JEE / CIWG / DASA. The search of right information about competitive exams is ending here.

This roller coaster of information ride will take you away from all misinformation and will make you future ready.

NRIs JEE Webinar is conducted by TestprepKart for all JEE NRI aspirants in Middle East. Keeping in the the basic questions they are having and potential solutions on how to cope up and prepare timely for JEE by Mr. Manish Kumar.


  • Director - CounselKart
  • Producer – CounselKart
  • Editor – Tarun Bhardwaj and Team
  • Network – Counselkart Studios
  • TestprepKart Maturity Rating – 8+


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