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What is DASA (NRI Quota) - TPKE001 - About DASA Overview

3 minAdded: 17.03.2020

What is DASA? Definitely, this is the word everyone who is living in Middle East and whosoever is venturing into admission, especially for those who are Indian expatriates and they want to send their wards back here in India.

The participating Colleges include 54 Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs), including NITs. This Is the most important and magical word and this is actually known as DASA. It stands for Direct Admission for Students Abroad. There are approximately 2500 seats in 54 CFTIs in India. There are 30 NITs, very prestigious National Institute of Technology & you must have heard their names. And then, we have got Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs), Regional Institutions. Correct?

And the, there are very prestigious 14 other CFTIs located in different parts of India. So the good thing is that, these institutions you know. They are scattered in different parts of India and wherever you live as per your convenience and as per your distance from the street, you can choose an institution.

Almost all the institutions are very prestigious. So this basically gives you a very good opportunity just to enter NITs and other Centrally Funded Institutions in India and I repeat the most important word is DASA, standing for Direct Admission for Students Abroad. It is a scheme of MHRD, Ministry of Human Resources and Development by Govt. of India. You need to write SAT Subject Test (valid till 2020-21) & JEE Main (valid from 2021-22). For SAT II - For Physics, Chemistry and Math Level 2 & for JEE Main Phy, Che, Maths.

FOR SAT= In Physics, 75 questions in 60 minutes, In chemistry, 85 questions in 60 minutes and in math, 50 questions during 60 minutes. There is some negative marking also._______. Right? But this is boom for whosoever is living in Middle East and they want to send their children back here in India. Right? So this is in a nutshell how DASA D..A..S..A...

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NRI students and parents abroad who are looking to get admission in Indian engineering colleges are usually aware about DASA Scheme also knows as (Direct Admission Student Abroad).


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This scheme help NRI students in getting admission in premiere Indian engineering colleges by writing SAT subject test (valid till 2020-21) & JEE Main (valid from 2021-22 onward). From DASA 2021-22 onward, admissions will be based on JEE Main ranks. For Latest update on CIWG and DASA.


Please refer to the URL below: For DASA: https://www.testprepkart.com/jee/info.php?id=69/&&sid=105/About-DASA


For CIWG: https://www.testprepkart.com/jee/info.php?id=69/&&sid=106/About-CIWG-


So, there are many aspect related to it. Get all information related to DASA here.


Connect with us on: https://www.testprepkart.com/jee_newsletter.php


For more details, get in touch with us on [email protected] or call us on +91 8800 1234 92