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Clarify my doubts regarding dasa
« on: February 05, 2019, 07:58:39 PM »
I am Karthik Balaji from Oman, a student of class 12. I have a few doubts regarding the sat subject tests taken in may and i hope you can clarify them .

1 )  Regarding application ;

I am giving the sat in may 4 and i think the result will come around may 18 and the application deadline for dasa quota around 2nd week of June .

so if i submit my application around may 20 then will i get into nit ?

or is there any rule of first come first serve basis ?

2) Regarding express score ,

I wish to know about this particular service of college board , being that i have heard that college board directly sends the score to nit .

in that case , which of the scores will be sent to them . the recent ones that have come up ( i.e, the one i write on may )

or the highest score that we achieve out of all the tests i have taken  ?

for example , my previous test score in math is 780 , if i get less in may ( say 750 for example ) , which one will college board send to nit ?

please do clarify my doubts .
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