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Daily schedule for NEET Preparation
« on: April 12, 2018, 09:10:13 PM »
I am a student and i am preparing for NEET. Please let me know the best schedule for NEET preparation so that i can make a time table regarding and start preparing for that.


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Re: Daily schedule for NEET Preparation
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2019, 08:50:48 PM »
Span of Timetable

The following is based on your having to say ten months to prepare for NEET; You may have to modify depending on the time available.

Presuming your proficiency is equal in all subjects- Chemistry, Physics and Biology- you can divide the time equally.  In case you are better in one you can allot lesser time and allocate more for the subject in which you are weak.

Your 12th board’s exam preparation should save you from repetitions as they are similar in topics like Chemical Bonding, problems of Chemistry and Physics, etc. The following can be taken as a guideline.

As the topics are 60, and available days are 180, simple arithmetic tells you that you can safely allocate three days for each topic. The three topics can be from any one subject, any two subjects or all the three subjects.
The time per day depending on the time you spend on coaching will vary.
Whilst on the job you may spend some time for general knowledge as well.
Sufficient allowance should be given for Revision as well as solving previous years’ question papers.
Please do not panic. You may eat well and proper meals even when you are too busy with your studies
Keep your body hydrated with sufficient intake of fluids.
Meditations, yoga, jogging etc. may keep you away from the ‘all work no play syndrome
Sleep well as when you deprive yourself of sleep the concentration would be lost.
Learn more important topics well. Kindly bear in mind of negative mark provision.
Practice as much as previous NEET Question papers.  Revise as much time as possible.
You may list down all the subjects that you will need to crack NEET Exam.
The candidates who attend their school regularly and are preparing for NEET Exam.
Take Regular breaks. This is a must
Develop a positive attitude. Pessimism Is not going to help at all.
Try mock tests. This would give you an idea how the exams would be as well as how to allot your time.
For more information on Schedule Click on NEET Schedule to crack NEET